Teknik Özellikler ve Detaylar

EasyWrap Wood wraps wooden and composite material profiles with reel-mounted materials.  Available in three versions with maximum working widths as follows 310S & 310R (310 mm). EasyWrap Wood 400S & 400R (400 mm) and EasyWrap Wood 550S (550 mm).  Proprietary engineering and vast wrapping experience have resulted in a great cost-to-value ratio.  Features: Frequency-controlled drives.  All-In-One Adhesive Application Unit includes; melter, application pump and slot-coater.  Quick set-up with patented grid adjustment optimization system for transport wheels.  Telescopic switch cabinet. Un-winder for reel mounted materials. Wrapping zone equipped with easy to use quick change systems. Central width adjustment for the wrapping zone. Silicone rubber rollers.  Light-controlled safety barrier on the drive and operating side of the machine.