Teknik Özellikler ve Detaylar


Single opening press with electronic control and manual loading/unloading, ideal for small to medium-sized companies: the best surface and gluing quality of the product being pressed thanks to the unique technical and construction solutions and the utmost precision of the mechanical machining operations.

SERGIANI’s exclusive lower  MYLAR belt driving system with 2 motors controlled by 2 inverters and extremely sturdy mechanical feeding devices.  Compared to traditional chain feed systems it constantly checks the correct tension of the MYLAR belt and drastically reduces maintenance and spare parts requirements, to achieve maximum and long-lasting efficiency and reliability. Moreover, it can handle much heavier panels over 200 Kg.
Available machine configuration  (instead of the standard version) with tilting rollers bench to unload panels on the front side of the press, where the panel composition and the automatic loading of the panels takes place.  This alternative configuration to the standard version is ideal when there is no space available for rear unloading.
GS 6 / 90 6 cylinders / 90 ton. –  platens 2.500 x 1300 mm and 3.000 x 1.300 mm
GS 8 / 120 8 cylinders / 120 ton. –  platens 3.500 x 1.300 mm and 3.500 x 1.300 mm
GS 8 / 160 8 cylinders / 160 ton. –  platens 3.000 x 1.300 mm
Type of platens PA  Assembled  –  PM  Solid
Heating BA   Electrical water boiler   –  BO Electrical oil boiler